ERPS Membership Application
    Observer Membership:

Observer Membership is open to those individuals who just want to receive the email list, read about our adventures and live vicariously through the exploits of a small, dedicated group of rocket experimenters who intend to change the world. Observer membership is open to people of any age. No dues are assessed for this class of membership, but donations are appreciated.

    Participating Membership:

Participating Membership is open for those individuals who have attended at least one ERPS meeting, test or flight and who wish to participate in the research, construction, testing or flight of ERPS designed engines, vehicles or systems. Participating members have full access to the email list and other computing resources of the Society. Participating members must be at least 18 years old. Dues will be assessed annually and donations are appreciated.

    Executive Membership:

Executive Membership is open to those inviduals who have actively participated in an ERPS project, have demonstrated techical or leadership qualities, and who are willing to be responsible for sections or teams within the organization. Executive members are nominated by other executive members and appointed by the Board of Directors after confirmation of their interest and approval of the project they'd be assigned to. Executive members must be at least 18 years old and hold an Amateur Radio license of at least Technician Grade. Executive Members vote on Director and Officer postions. Dues will be assessed annually and donations are appreciated.

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Disclaimer: I, the undersigned, by my action in joining the ERPS, agree to indemnify and hold harmless the ERPS, its appointed officers and agents, and other members from and against all claims, damages, or injuries direct or consequential arising out of any participation in activities associated with rocket operations. I understand the potential hazards involved with rocket launch and static test activities. I also recognize that violations of non-compliance with the directions (pertaining to safety) of the Range Safety Officer in charge of any particular event, may result in suspension of my participation in all future events.

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Complete, print, sign, date and bring this form to the next meeting, or mail it to:

PO Box 61642
Sunnyvale, CA