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Thumbnail for April flight 3 Second Sunday morning flight — KISS II Flight #3 — Mojave Test Area, 14 Apr 2002
The third KISS II test flight. This was less than 3 hours after the second flight, demonstrating fast reuse and high reliability.

KISS-II_Flt_3.mpeg   5.9M
Thumbnail for April flight 2 KISS II Flight #2 — Mojave Test Area, 14 Apr 2002
Sunday morning flight of KISS II — less than 16 hours after the first flight. (We stopped for dinner and sleep.) This flight demonstrated basic reusability of the KISS vehicle.

KISS-II_Flt_2.mpeg   3.6M
Thumbnail for April flight 1 KISS II Flight #1 — Mojave Test Area, 13 Apr 2002
Just over 2 months after the first flight and crash, the rebuilt KISS II vehicle makes a perfect first flight.

KISS-II_020413.mpeg   16.6M
Thumbnail for February 2002 flight KISS first flight — Mojave Test Area, 10 Feb 2002
The vehicle is 9' tall, 6" in diameter and generates 220 lb of thrust from the engine. The propellant is 85% Hydrogen Peroxide. The catalyst is silver plated nickel foam. The vehicle reached an altitude of about 2,100 m but the chute failed to deploy. Impact was 1.9 km downrange. Time of flight was 41 seconds. It is being rebuilt and will fly again, that flight currently set for April 2002.

KISS-20020210.mpeg   3.6M
Thumbnail for pressurant firing 3 (November 2001) KISS Pressurant firing #3 — 20 Nov 2001
Repeat of KISS pressurant firing and hop. Watch the foam brick fly.

DryTest3.mpeg   3.3M
Thumbnail for pressurant firing 2 (November 2001) KISS pressurant firing #2 — 20 Nov 2001
Even with no engine and no propellant, the vehicle "hopped" a few inches.

DryTest2.mpeg   3.1M
Thumbnail for pressurant firing 1 (November 2001) KISS pressurant firing #1 — 20 Nov 2001
First of multiple firing tests with pressurant gas only (no peroxide)

DryTest1.mpeg   2.2M
Thumbnail for distribution plate completion Distribution plate completion — 20 Nov 2001
Dan shows off the finished distribution plate for the KISS engine.

Distro.mpeg   4.1M
Thumbnail for multiple firings 
	with silver catalyst (August 2001) Silver catalyst tests — 06 Dec 2001
Silver-packed engine with 85% H2O2. Multiple firings were done to verify repeatability of engine start.

Silver-12Aug01.mpeg   6.1M
Thumbnail for cermet catalyst test (August 2001) Cermet catalyst test — 12 Aug 2001
Cermet packed engine with 99.2% H2O2. Note the color of the engine casing as the firing progresses.

Cermet-12Aug01.mpeg   4.4M